Escape the dreary rat race of Mumbai and explore the beaches at Alibaug and Kihim.  The lush green environment, reverbating seas and silky sands are sure to reawaken your zest and passion. Relax and recover your life at Kamal Homes... a real home away from home.

Kihim Beach is the most popular beach of Alibaug. It is situated around 11 km from Alibaug and you can easily get an auto rickshaw to drop you there.

Kihim Beach has shimmering white sand. But, The best part of this beach is its absolute safety as compared to some other beaches of Alibaug. The rocks all around the sea make sure that you are not pulled into the sea.

The first thing that hits you when you set your eyes on Kihim is that you have seen it some where before. Don't worry. I will solve that mystery right now! Most Hindi movies and Television serials have been shot at Kihim. If you are looking for a place available for film and television shootings.

Kihim Beach has fascinated most of the rich and famous. Their bungalows and weekend cottages dot the area in and around Kihim.

The best way to enjoy Kihim is to spend a night on this beach under the stars. If you have a loved one to cuddle along with, it is all the better.